Unique and Handmade Windchimes and Suncatchers. Bohemian and vintage style handmade jewelry! Exactly Your Style!

It all started at local neighborhood street fair, the kind where you're walking in the street and there are vendors lined on each side of the street. I saw the twinkle and the heard the chimes, finally found the cutest little shop that made glass and bead windchimes. The were so beautiful, I bought one on the spot.....that's the beginning! I've been making jewelry and other crafty things but the idea to go big and sparkly, with bells was my undoing!

My love of anything shiny and small has been going on for sometime. If it's eye catching, I can always make it a little more blingy...is that a word? Well, I loved and treasured my first windchime in my office window. I decided to add a few crystals here, bigger beads to this piece and that and well it got out of hand..... I started to accumulate a well stocked bead collection of thrift store finds, grateful donations, Marketplace finds and started to make my own windchimes all the while still making jewelry.

Each windchime and suncatcher I now make is truly a piece of art and I hope each that I have made for you, my friends, remember they are as unique and treasured to me as I made them with love for you. My original windchime inspiration from years ago is hanging now in my super sunny Arizona LilithBeadDesigns Studio... well it's the spare room I share with my very patient and understanding hubby, Doug, that loves remote control airplanes.

Please enjoy all my beautiful pieces and if you ever have a custom color or design you want, please let me know... I would live making it for you!!!!

Lorna Russell

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